A word from our Chair

How would you like to join a group of committed givers on a mission to put food on the table for those in our community who through no fault of their own are unable to do that?

The Tauranga Community Food Bank is launching “What’s for Tea?”, a regular giving program supporting the work we do. We are looking for determined, passionate, people like you from our community to commit and to pledge a weekly, fortnightly or a monthly gift. Can we count on you to make this commitment?

A pledge of as little as ten dollars a week is enough to provide a person in need with food for three days, over a year that weekly gift could mean that you feed 52 hungry people in your community. A pledge of a hundred dollars a month would feed 4 families of 4 – 48 families a year.

What’s for Tea” is about giving what you can to provide meals for those who, through no fault of their own, are hungry and in need. Your support will make a difference to their lives.

Last year thanks to the wonderful generosity of this community we were able to provide more than 5000 food parcels valued at two hundred thousand dollars to families and people in need. Sadly the need is still there and increasing.

As a regular giver with “What’s for Tea” you will help us never to have to turn away anyone who needs our assistance.

If “What’s for Tea” suits your giving we would love you to be part of the program and share the cost of our grocery bill. To join up is easy:

Head over to “What’s for tea” and fill in a giving form or you can arrange directly with your bank automatic payments from your account – monthly, fortnightly or weekly – whatever suits you best – just make sure you let us know then we can issue you an annual receipt – also it is nice to know who our friends are,

Tauranga Community Food Bank is a charity so your gift is tax deductible.


Larry Bilodeau